CTHHC Registration

Membership dues for CTHHC are $5 per year. Please complete this membership application and pay the annual membership dues for one year. Membership in CTHHC permits participation in natural health-related activities and discussions with other members as well as educational discussions and consultations with herbalists. The cost of any consultation with herbalists and/or any herbal preparations (tinctures, salves, etc.) is not included in the annual membership dues.

Here are the associated costs of the clinic.

Membership Fee: Upon registration, new clients have a $5 membership fee that covers them for one full year.  If yours has expired, you can simply renew when signing up.  Central Texas Holistic Health Club (CTHHC) is the membership ‘club’ used for the tele-clinic.

Consultation: This is free.

Formulas: Clients can choose whether or not to have the formulas made after the consultation.  All custom-made formulations are $10/oz plus shipping.  After the consultation, a link will be sent to the client to allow payment to be submitted online.  All formulas must be paid for before they will be prepared and shipped.

Follow-up consultations: no cost for the consultation.  Formulations are $10/oz plus shipping for any refills.