Our Projects

In November, 2012, The Human Path and a local area charitable organization sent a team of 13 herbology and primitive engineering students, a few translators, organizers and logistics folks to two remote towns in the hills east of the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua: La Uva and La Novia.

The goal was to introduce herbal medicine and sustainable solutions to an area that did not have regular access to medical care or engineering solutions for contaminated water in their village. After a successful project, our primitive engineers returned twice in 2013 to work with the village of San Juan Del Rio, installing an even larger water filtration system for a village of 2,000 people and for researching medicinal herbs that grow in the rain forests.

These critical projects have paved the way for an upcoming June 2014 trip to work with the Rama Indians on creating sustainable solutions both for infrastructure as well as natural health care.