We are thrilled to garner support from the community at large in order to help us achieve our goals. Providing funding for these projects is a way to directly make a difference not only in communities but in the world of health care and self-sustainability model development that can positively change our entire approach to health care.

If you are interested in donating to Herbal Medics, here are several projects during 2014 that you can adopt:

Mobile Herbal Clinic and Community Food Sustainability Project

In 2013 we purchased a large school bus in excellent condition and we are set to convert this bus into a mobile herbal clinic and teaching lab. This conversion will allow us to hold herbal clinics in underserved communities throughout South Texas as well as teach sustainable food and medicinal gardening while also supporting community gardening projects using forest gardening and permaculture techniques. Click here to learn more about the mobile herbal clinic project.

Nicaragua Full Team Excursion

We have been actively working in Nicaragua for the past two years.  During this time we have created slow-sand water filtration both in remote villages as well as town clinics.  We have held herbal clinics, combining both education as well as assessment and therapy for acute and chronic health conditions.

In June, 2014 we will travel with a full 18-person team to the jungle near San Juan de Nicaragua where we will hold herbal clinics for indigenous tribes, build new slow-sand water purification systems, create improved, solar powered water pressure for an existing water purification project at a clinic that we already created, build composting and gardening systems for local medicinal plants and continue to work with the local culture to form a long-term relationship that will allow further and more extensive Herbal Medics trips in the future.  Find out more about this year’s project here.

Ongoing Local Community Gardening and Eco-Building Project

Students and members of the San Antonio community will be participating in a live exercise at our San Antonio area campus in preparation for the June 2014 trip.  Students will work with members of the community to plant medicinal herbs and edible plants that will be harvested and preserved using long-term food storage techniques.  They will also create and manage composting systems to re-use organic matter and amend spent planting soil into a rich growing medium.  We have recently broken ground on the building of off-grid structures on the land as working examples of how to use re-claimed salvage material for building within the natural flow of the land’s resources. Learn how you can support our sustainability community projects here!

Donations can be made in several ways

  • Cash , checks (can be mailed to Herbal Medics)
  • PayPal
  • In kind contributions – Our team can always use help with our on-site eco-building projects in the way of building materials, labor, etc.